Gold Service £149


The ultimate overhaul

The full service, strip all parts including bearings, clean or replace as required and adjust, correct torque setting of all bolts, brake fluid change, all cables replaced, both wheels trued and all bearings adjusted and re-greased, fully degrease drive train, chain, chain rings and cassette, check nuts and bolts. A noticeable performance boost for your bike. Frame and forks are polished to complete a fantastic job.

Parts not included.

Silver Service £99



Beginning of the season

Full bike clean, check and adjust gears, strip, lube or bleed brakes where required, strip and regrease headset, strip and regrease wheel bearings, strip and regrease bottom bracket, replacing bearings where required. Check tyre condition and pressures, degrease & lubricate external components and carry out safety check.

Parts not included.

Bronze Service £49



Monthly maintenance

Check and adjust gears, brakes, headset, wheel bearings, bottom bracket. Check wheels for alignment, check tyre condition and pressure, lubricate external components and carry out safet check.

Parts not included.


Bike Build £40Bought a bike online?  We build it up for you.

Bearing Overhaul £50All major bearings stripped, inspected and re-lubricated.

Custom Build £150Your parts built up to create a bike to your specifications.

Bike Valet £40Full clean, de-grease and lubrication of all external parts.

Frame preparationHeadset facing and reaming £50.00

Fork tube cut to size, star nut & crown fitted £35.00

Seat tube reamed to size £35.00

Bottom bracket chase £35.00

Bottom bracket face £35.00

Disc brake mount facing – Each £35.00

BrakesBrake pads fit per brake £10.00

Drum brake pads fit per brake – Front £30.00

Drum brake pads fit per brake – Rear £45.00

Inner cable fit £9.00

Outer casing fit £9.00

Brake adjustment £9.00

Brake lever fit £15.00

Caliper fit / replacement £9.00

Brake service – each (Brake cables included) £25.00

MechanicalBrake pads fit per brake £10.00

Inner cable fit £9.00

Outer casing fit £9.00

Brake adjustment £9.00

Brake lever fit £15.00

Caliper fit / replacement £9.00

Brake service – each (Brake cables included) £25.00


Brake pads fit per brake £15.00

Brake lever fit £20.00

Brake line fit £20.00

Brake adjustment £15.00

Rotor fit / replacement £15.00

Caliper fit / replacement £20.00

Brake service £40.00

Disc brake line bleed and re-fill £30.00

GearsInner cable fit £15.00

Outer casing fit £15.00

Gear shift fit £20.00

Gears adjustment £15.00

Chain ring fit – each £10.00

Derailleur fit £25.00

Chain fit £20.00

Chain de-grease, dry and lubricate £30.00

Chain set fit (Cassette, chain and crank set) £48.00

Cassette fit £20.00

Sprocket fit – Hub gear without cover £40.00

Crank set fit £25.00

Hanger alignment/fit £20.00

Gear service – £45.00


Pedals fit / replacement £9.00

Crank fit / replacement £9.00

Pedals service £20.00

SaddleSaddle fit and adjustment £9.00

Seat pin fit £9.00

Fork replacement £35.00

Headset Extraction / replacement £30.00

Cup fit/extraction £35.00

Service £27.50

Bottom bracket  Fit standard £30.00Fit external £40.00Service stainless steel £30.00Service ceramic £70.00

WheelsPuncture repair £25.00

Fit inner tube/Tyre – hub gear £35.00

Fit sealed bearings per hub £30.00

Axle cones adjustment £15.00

Axle cones adjustment and grease £20.00

Axle fit, cone adjustment and grease £25.00

Tubeless fit £25.00

Wheel true £20.00

Wheel true and spokes re-tension £30.00

Wheel build £45.00

Hub service £25.00

Replace hub £45.00


Spoke replacement £25.00

Spoke replacement – Hub gear no cover £35.00

Spoke replacement – Hub gear with cover £45.00

Handle bar  Grips fit £7.50

Bar tape fit £15.00

Stem fit £9.00

Handlebar bar fit – MTB £20.00

Handlebar bar fit – Road £35.00

Handlebar bar fit – Other £40.00

Handlebar size reduction £25.00

Computer £25.00

Lights £9.00

Dynamo £30.00

Clip on mudguards set £15.00

Side stand £9.00

Full mudguard sets £25.00

Rear rack £17.50

Front rack £17.50

Child seat – Other £30.00

Padlock £9.00

Basket £15.00

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